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Tech Support


Technical Support

Whenever you or someone that works with you have/has a doubt on the functionalities of our applications or a question about one of our screens, you can always count with the help and answers from our specialists.

How many times have you had a doubt about your systems? Thousands of times, with our support system you will be able to clear those doubts with just a phone call or email away to our support specialists.

These services are very useful when it comes to a doubt or question that's holding up your work since this can be cleared in a matter of minutes by just following our instructions, so you can get back to your normal work without a problem.

By hiring one of our Annual Support Plans, your company will get the following:

  • E-mails support.
  • Phone calls support.
  • FREE updates throughout the year.
  • System Support (only operational support).
These are the excluded points from our "Support or Technical Services" in all our plans:
  • Questions, doubts and/or queries that do not have to do exclusively with products associated with the software package LaborXpress, LaborPlan, LaborClock and/or LaborWeb.
  • Consulting and/or consultations regarding to the creation, planning and/or generation of work shifts that we described on our Customer Service page.
  • Reinstalation of any of our applications. This is an additional service and additional charges apply as the case presented by the costumer.
  • Virus infections, malfunction of equipment or an incorrect network infrastructure as inadequate temperature, power failures, downed communication lines, dirt on the server, server failures, incorrect interventions of others, fire, theft, flood and any other cause beyond PRGTEC.

Available Support Plans are:

  • Call Support (Ticket)
    Charge for each call you make to Support.
    Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 (GMT-04:00)
Call Support
Support Plans
  • Annual Phone Support (5x9)
    Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 (GMT-04:00)
Annual Phone Support (5x9)
  • Annual Phone Support (5x24)
    Monday to Friday 24hrs. (GMT-04:00)
Annual Phone Support (5x24)
  • Annual Email Support (5x9)
    Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 (GMT-04:00)
Annual Email Support (5x9)
  • Annual Email Support (5x24)
    Monday to Friday 24hrs. (GMT-04:00)
Annual Email Support (5x24)

Support services do not include holidays and weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

You may request a "Special Proposal" Support service to: Support Service.