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Servicio al Cliente

Services / Advisories Available

PRGTEC can deliver its clients a series of services to solve their worries, doubts, questions, or requirements regarding everything related to their employee's work shifts and/or "Shift Creator".

In order for this to work properly, we have created a series of informative help, which are very practical for answering each one of your doubts and where we will be able to solve all your needs and requirements, saving a lot of time and money in the development of your needs during the creation and formation of your employee's work shifts.

These services / Advisories are really helpful when a doubt or question may hold up your work since in a couple of minutes, by following our indications, we can solve it and you can continue working as usual on your system.

The Services / Advisories you can hire are:

  • Study and Creation of Shifts.

  • Staffing Requirements for Working Group.

  • Schedules and Staff requirements.

  • Creation of Shift Cycles.

  • Massive load of employees to LaborOffice (first load included in Training).

  • Employee's Vacations and Holidays.

  • Work and Rest Days hour calculation.

  • Rescue of Data / Fingerprints from biometric terminals (x terminal, only for LaborOffice and terminals validated by PRGTEC).

  • Review and check Biometric Terminals (x terminal, only terminals validated by PRGTEC).

  • Calendars Management Groups / Team Forces (Monthly Service).
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Any other Service / Advisory that is not mentioned in the above points, you can consult and / or request a proposal to: Request a Service/Advisory