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Our company, PRGTEC, was created (2010) after making a thorough study on the market on the need for a system or software to solve the problems and help in the process of Optimization, Management, Planning and Control of work groups or teams working in different companies and / or institutions.

This way is how PRGTEC met and associated with Altamira Tecnologica company in Spain, with over 10 years in the European market and computer area, creator and developer of the "LaborXpress®" and "LaborPlan®", existing systems and used in the market for more than 8 years.

Today, our companies, in our first 3 years of working together, have enhanced much more these applications and we have developed our powerful suite "LaborOffice®", composed by applications: "LaborXpress®" (Optimization), "LaborPlan®" (Management and Planning) "LaborClock®" (Control) and "LaborWeb®" (Web Portal).

"LaborOffice® Version 7" (2014), now is available on the international market, compatible anywhere in the world, for all kinds of companies and / or institutions and thus able to deliver an excellent and powerful technological tool to solve this cumbersome and complex process, where in most cases, is a very slow and extremely expensive process, requiring highly qualified professionals to solve and calculate these algorithms that was required to obtain optimal results of sequences to be applied to the work day and / or work shifts of their teams.


To be permanently working with our clients and inform them on the new updates and functions of the systems, as well as supporting them in their management on the work shifts area.



Our mission in PRGTEC is to stand out in providing excellent solutions and excellent services, as well as associating with our clients and resellers working as a mutual benefit and to continue working at the highest level in which others are measured.

Core Value


We only commit to what we can accomplish and deliver what we promise.


We listen to our partners and value their viewpoints.


We believe that leadership and excellence depend on innovative thinking.